Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday Feature

The feature this week are two friends..Enza and her son Stefano. They have been friends from the very first weeks we moved here.
First I will start with Enza. I don't really remember how we met. Probably something to do with her store being on the end of our street. She is welcoming, funny and very sincere. She is a willing heart. I suspect she is abit devious but that mixes a good way!
One fall day, a couple gals asked both of us to go on a bike ride with them. I love my bike and this is good exercise. Four of us started out and Enza had some trouble along the way with her bike. She said that she was going to walk her bike to Mario's bike shop to have him take a look at it and meet up with us later. The other two gal's said OK...and me I said as best I'll come with you to the bike shop. Well, Enza never forgot that. She said that it was a pleasant surprise to her. The other two went off and we went and got the bike repaired in a short time. I really feel in the USA this is the way any of us would handle this. Not the case here. So, we have a bond.
Now Stefano is another story. He was the tough kid in the media school. He was chosen to test the new kid from the USA. Our son was getting the welcoming treatment. Antonio had never been in a fight. So here he was up against the strong kid. Stefano worked after school on the family farm. We knew nothing about this until the local priest came to Andy to tell him what had happened. Stefano got his butt kicked. Sorta, but not his butt. Antonio had seen enough of Hulk Hogan and the WWF to grab Stefano by the collar and started banging his head against the wall until the janitor broke it up. Stefano did not return to school for 3 days. I doubt that he was hurt physically but he had an excuse as he wasn't a boy who liked school. The priest said Antonio had done good and the kids wouldn't try that again. Antonio and Stefano became friends. He always asks about Antonio.

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