Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Feature

Want state of the art in your dentist office? I do. I am a skeerdy kat when it comes to procedures close to my brain. My feature this week is the dentist office. Everything about this office is good. The dentist is professional...and quick! His equipment is current. His office staff is as professional in their job as he is in his. Bright cheery place and ultra clean.

I don't have dental problems but even the cleaning used to have me shaking. All this has turned around and I love my visits to his office.

My cyber friend from Catania, Sicily tells me that she has a dentist that is young, personable and good. So we aren't going to the barber shop to have our teeth pulled like some folks think.

When I asked this dentist if I could take some pictures for my BLOG...he was happy that Sicily would be shown as it is.

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Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

Ciao Sharon! This is my first time at your blog... found you through a comment you left on Shirley's (Bocconcini e Pomodorini). I am excited to see someone blogging from Sicily. In my 6 years in Italy, I STILL haven't made it down *hangs head in shame* -- but I can live vicariously through your blog until then.