Friday, June 8, 2007

Friday Feature

Often folks will ask me questions about life in Sicily. Many of them think we must live in a third world country. "Do they have bananas"..."how about bathrooms"....will you need to come to the USA if you get ill"..."q-tips"..."coat hangers" and "do they still dress in those clothes like your picture"?????
Sicily has all those things and more. Just like any country it has its modern and its traditional culture.

This week I am featuring a Supermercato that has alot of the up to the minute new and ending with a photo of the old Sicily.

This is the entrance to a large size grocery store. Sorta like Walmart but not a Super Walmart. We do have larger stores than this.

Walmart might have Mcdonald's but this store has an ice cream shop to your right when you enter and on your left as you leave. Why not have gelato before shopping? Again before going home?

Appliances , electronics, clothing, and furniture are all sold here just like Walmart....but does Walmart sell Motorinos???

Well we didn't come to buy furniture, we came for the food. As Andy says you can't put your money in a better place than food! So we move on to the produce section and then to the deli counter. Sicilians are big on their cheeses and cold cuts of meat. This counter goes around two more sides. Lots of choices and all delicious.

You can see the meat counter ..spirits section and the all important coffee aisle and finally the check out.

The finale is the old.... right next to the modern. This is the picture I promised. These creatures are pastured in a small field right next to the parking lot. I think of them as Sicily's Walmart greeters!!!


Anonymous said...

Lovely Sharon. Great post, great images. I love the old with the new, or rather the new with the old.

And that wine aisle made my mouth water. As did the thought of meats and cheeses and breads and . . . Sicily.

Anonymous said...

Could Papa possibly be in the pasta aisle? That's a lot a pasta!

Love ~J

Kimberly said...

I had some adulto bovina last night - ribeye! Thanks for the pix, Sharon. I love all the things you share with us here.

The Elusive Loo said...

Every supermarket should have an Italian Icecream shop instead of a McDonalds!

Maryellen said...

I LOVE it! Great photos and a great way to show people that civilization has indeed reached Sicily! I used to get those questions plus more . . . "Do they celebrate Thanksgiving in Germany?' Uh, NO, it was started by the Pilgrims, remember?

Sharon said...

I really love that folks pick up on different things. Papa is not allowed in the pasta aisle!!!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

We visited Sicily last year...just for a week, wish it had been longer...we went shopping in Carrfour and we were amazed at the cheese and cold meat counters...and as for the Pasta aisle, we can;t get enough of it. I have photos on my blog of our visit, hope you can pop in to have a look. Will visit your blog again soon.