Monday, June 25, 2007

Birthday Boy

Absolutely nothing is cuter than a baby. This grandson of mine was cuter than the word ..cute! The photographer entered this photo in a contest. It didn't win but it ended up offering him a contract for print advertisement modeling. He was as soft and cuddly as he looks. He was a good baby. He might not like seeing his baby picture here, cause he turns sixteen this week. All those girlfriends might like this one and if they don't they can take some new ones.

Happy Birthday to Shane. Where did all the cake go????


Anonymous said...

Cute is right!!!!!Who did he resemble, mom or dad? L, C-co

Anonymous said...

And a happy birthday to him (and in a roundabout way, to his grandmother too)!

Let's hope if the girlfriends take any shots of him now, he is wearing different wardrobe!

Currier Quinn Balent said...

I'm not sure how I came across your blog but I've been checking in for weeks and I enjoy reading about your Siclian adventure. I'm also a New Englander living in Sicily... how are you coping with this HEAT? Adore your grandson... he's so sute!

Sharon said...

cqb>It always excites me to meet another USA person living in Sicily. I see Boston on your Blog??
Heat? We are staying inside. Visiting USA (Brockton) friends are doing the reverse (hot) water bottle (frozen) thing.
goodthomas> guess that shows my age...never pictured that!
C-co> He looked like his grandmother, of course!

Currier Quinn Balent said...

I have family in Newburyport (where I call home) and Malden. Starbucks????... Come on!!!??? Didn't you grow up with Dunkin Donuts coffee? I have DD coffee delivered monthly! Happy to chat with another US person living in Sicily.

Sharon said...

cqb>What!! Delivered! DD Coffee. Yes I grew up with that and can't get over that you get it delivered. I am gonna go and cry!

KC said...

What an adorable picture!