Tuesday, May 15, 2007

May 15...Birthday Time

Today we have a birthday in the family. My granddaughter turns 14. I bet she is happy about that. I am happy and I am also not so happy. I think grandmother's would like their grand kids to stay little abit longer.

This girl is a special one. She is savvy, strong, subtle, super, striking, symmetrical, SMART, (did I mention stunning...and SMART), skillful, stubborn, surprising and sympathetic (at least to animals).

She is everything I like. If I were 14, I hope she would be my friend. I love being her grandmother.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl!!!Love, Aunt C-co

Anonymous said...

Yes, Happy Birthday to the Birthday girl. I would like to let you know that she had a fantistic birthday, but she wishes that the best Grandma in the world was there with her.

-Susan P. ^.^

Anonymous said...


Sharon said...

Or maybe she could be here!!! One way or another it would have been terrific!