Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday Feature

Oliveri has many things to offer tourists and one is an ancient Castello of Arab design. I should know more about this place but I have not researched it. Years ago the castle was occupied by a Barron and he employed local towns folk to care for the farm and winery. The castle property included a vineyard, lemon groves and farm land growing produce.

(Thanks to Alessandro Governali for this photo of the Castle).

Today the castle has become a place for tourism and events. Wedding receptions are held there. Couples utilize the gardens for wedding photographs. Many of the out buildings have been refurbished for tourists lodgings.

We took a walk through the gardens to take some pictures. There is a listing of No Entry....but we wandered in and no one chased us out. There are a couple of massive trees. Andy stands in front of one of them to show it's size. In the summer the flowers and pathways create a fairyland.

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