Saturday, April 21, 2007

Knock Knock......

Knock knock!

Who's there?


Red who??

Red Pepper, ain't that a HOT one!!

Not always...sometimes the red pepper can be sweet..dolce and so very good made into a pasta sauce. That joke was one of my mother's favorites and this recipe is my favorite pasta sauce.

Ingredients include...

Three large and *dura* thick red peppers

Two cloves garlic

One large onion

Two cups chicken broth

Olive Oil

Salt and pepper

First thing is to char the red peppers and remove the skin after letting them rest. (I think you may be able to purchase roasted peppers in the jar but never have tried them.)

Cook the coarsely chopped onion and garlic in olive oil till softened. Add the pieces of roasted pepper to coat with oil.

All these ingredients are blended in your food processor and add chicken broth to form desired consistency of your sauce. Salt and pepper to taste. Put back into pan to keep warm.

I always use olive oil when cooking. It gives a more robust taste than the Virgin Oil. We save the Virgin Oil for raw food eating. We very rarely ever use black pepper. Red pepper goes into everything...a hot one! If you don't use the entire 2 cups of broth, throw the extra into your water to cook up the pasta. We don't throw anything away.

This pasta is my new favorite. It grabs the sauce. We used grated baked ricotta on the top but granna padanna is also good.

I hope my niece the new vegetarian is taking notes!

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Waspgoddess said...

Oh, can I please come over for dinner? Roasted peppers are just divine, and this dish looks and sounds wonderful.