Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday Feature

Via Roma is the main street in Oliveri. We are a destination (not a drive thru town) and most all traffic comes into Via Roma. The word *traffic* mostly refers to the months beginning in May and ending in June. This is when Oliveri gets tourist business.

In 2006 work commenced on improving the surface and some drainage pipes beneath the road. It got started late and many of the business owners were concerned about income loss due to this work being done over the summer months. In July the work was halted and began again in Sept thru the Christmas holiday. In mid January a new crew continued the work and just before Easter Sunday the road was opened. This is no small job. Each of the tiles are placed by hand.

My vacationing friends will be happy to see this. They have been following the work while they were here. They should have had a ribbon cutting ceremony. If you are so inclined....have a toast to the new road.

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