Wednesday, March 28, 2007


It all began with this lonely tomato. Not just the one but a whole bowl of them. Who would ask anyone to make tomato sauce from tomatoes the size of a demitasse spoon? Well it got worse or better depending on which side of the table you sit.

In the door comes a cuttlefish (seppia) and a sheepish grin asking if I would use this to make a black sauce. I don't like to even look at black sauce. I have never tried it so I don't know if the taste is good or bad but who would want to eat black food that looks squirmy?

I washed and halved each one of those tomatoes and cooked them in onion and garlic to make the sauce. As for the fish it was cut into pieces and simmered in garlic and vino then the the sauce is added along with the black ink. It is at this point that my stomach starts churning. This also simmers for 20 minutes. It is best eaten with linguini..that is what I am told.

I did take the picture of the finished dish but made my exit from the table before it was eaten.


Maryellen said...

And I, in turn, just found YOUR blog--it's great! What are you doing in Sicily? Can you write to me at Please do . . . Maryellen

Anonymous said...

I'm right with you on the stomach turning sister. I had that feeling in your house once or twice when he brought the fish home. You are way too good to him, but who could resist that sheepish grin?? Wonder if my son will try this recipe?Haha! Hope Italy prevails for your sake!

KimJay said...

I could eat that if you didn't add the black ink. Is the ink just for looks, or does it do something to the taste?

I LOVE to make homemade sauce with real 'maters, but have never used teensy tinesy ones. Kim

Sharon said...
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Sharon said...

I don't know if it changes the taste Kim...I will not eat this. I'll have to ask Andy. Those little tomatoes were like *candy*!

I double dare A. A. to try this recipe!