Saturday, March 3, 2007

Beans with the Bag Open

You don't have to open the bag to know beans anymore as they have these plastic see thru bags now. Well....not knowing *beans with the bag open* is an old saying. About as old as my introduction to Saturday night beans. Beans and franks and some reheated Harris bread rolls were on the table during my child hood every Saturday night. If my Dad was lucky he might have a bit of horseradish on his plate.

Well my bean knowledge has certainly changed. Sometimes, I make Boston Baked beans but mostly they are cooked into a soup with onions, carrots, tomatoes and greens. The ingredients change depending what is in the refrigerator. Every week in the winter I cook up a large pot of this bean concoction and Andy eats it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I have become the Regina of bean soup. I used to give it away but now he guards it with his life. I have drawn the line on making this once per week. Many may think of this soup as pasta fagioli but we skip the pasta and just go for the beans.

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A said...

very,very good !!!