Monday, February 19, 2007

Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday Cicciu! I love this picture and loved it when the "birthday boy" was here. He really got into the life. We get asked about him alot. One more year till this grandson will be a teenager. One more year to act like a kid and not get into trouble for not acting so grown up. I hear someone saying...but he is grown up?
I remember when he was just a little fella and didn't want his Mom to leave him behind. He loves his Mom all right. We made up a little song about *we got the house!* We could do stuff when Mom was away! (But now that you are growing up....things change there grandson! )
If you were here today I'd take you out for one of those ice cream sandwiches.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to me!
Love ~F

PS I got the house this morning!

Waspgoddess said...

Lovely shot...

And thanks for your supporting words on yesterday's devastating crush. It's good to know a fellow skinny one.