Saturday, January 13, 2007

Veggie of the Month

My original title of this BLOG was Veggie of the Month. After checking other blogs on the Internet I saw that this title was already overused. In this area Veggie of the Month is not just a title but a reality. You will find certain vegetables that are grown in this area in the markets until you might scream...NO MORE! I now look forward to some vegetables but I have yet to become fond of zucchini. We are fortunate to have wonderful family and neighbors who come to our door on a regular basis offering vegetables. Finnochio is the featured vegetable this month. I suspect broccoli will be edging it out soon.
Finnochio salad is a favorite of mine. I am happy when it comes to the market. We have it several times per week. I do cook it but my favorite recipe is finnochio salad with oranges.
Finocchio Salad
1 finocchio bulb
1 small onion
1 orange
olive oil
Just use the 1 bulb finocchio to 1 orange proportion. Don't add vinegar or lemon juice as the juice from the orange will do the job just fine.


Gina in N'Awlins said...

Do you use the juice of the orange? Or the segments? Sounds great ~ just simple goodness!

Sharon said...

Use the segments ...chop them up and add the juice as well.

I read your profile and you are the only person I know besides myself who lists Dirty Dancing as a favorite movie. My son laughs about this.