Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Per Caso

Oliveri famoso! Just by chance I stumbled upon a film making in progress. While walking to see a friend I noticed the town police rerouting traffic. This isn't uncommon as it is often done for roadwork, funerals, ceremonies and festas. I continued on my way and there in my path was a film crew with boom microphone and all. More town police were doing *crowd* control. There may have been only twenty or so onlookers but they were needed to keep it quiet.
It is always a good thing to be camera ready. A camera takes you right up to the action. Somehow you become part of the crew. The local Media School was having a film made of a story their class had written. The story was about a grandfather telling his granddaughter about the life in this town following WWII. I don't know if this will be something local just for the school or if it is part of a *sfida*(contest) that the school has entered.

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