Monday, January 8, 2007


We have no local newspaper in this town so items and announcements are posted on walls in different parts of the town. This includes death and funeral notices. You may be looking at the same notice for quite awhile if no one dies for a long period after your name might be posted. I have often felt this is a sad reminder to the family of the deceased. The local church has different bell signals for deaths, funerals, dead person arriving in town, baptisms, weddings and call to church functions. After the Tsunami incident in Asia the town adopted a signal for letting us know that a Tsunami is imminent. The church bells will ring continually and we have 20 minutes to head for high ground ..on foot. One former resident left money for the church to install a clock that chimes the hour and every fifteen minutes of the hour. Try getting to sleep nearby the church on a summer's evening when those bells let you know it is 45 minutes past 12.

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Sataria said...

Hey Sharon :) I love the blog and look forward to reading about your life in Italy.

Great photos!