Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mission accomplished!!

Check out these flags. They sit above the door of the town hall. Early summer 2006, I made a complaint to the Vice Mayor of this town about the condition of the old flags. They were torn and sun bleached. When I returned (in late summer) from a visit to the USA, nothing had been done. Well, I am happy to be showing this photo of new and brightly colored flags. The one on the left is the EU flag, in the center Italian flag and on the right Sicilian flag. When someone asked the Vice Mayor what I'd said to him he responded that *those* Americans are possessed with their flags! Perhaps I am. When my son first went to the public Media school here I was also shocked to find NO flag ..but each classroom had a picture of the Pope and a cross above the door. I am not upset about the religious symbols but was surprised not to see the Italian flag displayed.

Perhaps these new flags would have been put up without me but a little part of me wants to take some credit!

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